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After four years in the making, What To Do When You Can’t Decide has arrived from the printer, and now it’s sitting on pallets at Sounds True, ready for distribution. Very exciting!  The book is coming at a propitious time for its subject matter. The financial meltdown – so many smart people making such bad decisions — has demonstrated how less-than-rational our decision-making processes can be. A spate of books are out that challenge the notion that logical thinking produces good decisions; in fact, our emotions and our conditioning color and often override information we receive, scientists say. And in her eye-opening best-seller, My Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte Taylor argues that the right brain be given more room to operate – which is exactly what divining does.

I started outlining the book in fall of 2006, interviewed experts throughout 2007, and wrote the book during 2008-9. I got feedback from dozens of friends and experts and put it through 11 rewrites (can you imagine?!) before I started “shopping” it to publishers. I made a pitch to Kelly Notaras of Sounds True at the New York Book Expo, and they made an offer a few weeks later that there was no way in the world I would refuse. I can’t imagine a better publisher, and sometimes pinch myself to believe it’s true.

The staff there has done an impeccable job of editing and designing the book – and the best and only way to start off this blog is to thank them for bringing the book out into the world in such a beautiful fashion. Much appreciation goes to Lisa Karens, the designer; Marcie Haeg, the copy writer; Shelly Rosen, the publicist — as well, of course, to founder Tami Simon, without whom none of this would exist! And a special thanks to Haven Iverson, the editor, who burnished the words with exquisite care and devotion.

In this blog, I’ll be highlighting research on decision-making and the brain, as well as answering questions on divining and…well, we’ll see what comes up!!!

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